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Scottish Cup Semi Final***Heart of Midlothian vs Hibernian
Started by Papin

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Winston Churchill
Posting Freak

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11-02-2020, 01:13 PM -
The engraver better scratch our name of the cup from 2012, because nobody recognises it. Sob Sob
Hank Scorpio
Obnoxious Philistine

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11-02-2020, 04:29 PM -
(10-31-2020, 03:19 PM)The Great KhaLee Wrote: Few rumours that Nisbets out because his dad died. No idea if true

Sadly true


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11-02-2020, 05:06 PM -
Poor guy. 2020 man. Feel like the grim reaper is coming for people I'm close to, feels like a matter of time.
The Great KhaLee
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11-02-2020, 05:08 PM -
Staunch Halliday
Desperate Tatum

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11-02-2020, 06:27 PM -
Shite news for the kid.
Monty Oh You
Drunk Cretin & Hassle Magnet

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11-02-2020, 06:34 PM -
Shame man.

The fact he played and stepped up to take a penalty shows the character he has.
Little Bit Of The Boycey
Jumbo Soldier

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11-02-2020, 07:58 PM -
Can’t believe he played Crowe

Terrible for him to have to go through that, especially around the biggest night of his career.
1-1 :jos:

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11-02-2020, 11:21 PM -
Fat Cunt

Grim for the guy.
(08-21-2017, 01:25 PM)i8hibsh Wrote: I AM A LONER BY CHOICE

Rory Breaker
madman with an afro

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11-05-2020, 01:53 PM -

Half Time Guest
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11-05-2020, 01:57 PM -
Ooooooh that's some good content right there.

Winston Churchill
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11-05-2020, 03:02 PM -
Tony Hmm Piggy

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